Water Project

Water Project

Church Mission Project:
Well Water, sanitation, and health for Ugandan Village

Fundraising during: Lent 2021

People2People (or P2P), a charity organization organized by Martine’s father, Chris Roesel, raises funds for villages in Africa. P2P works with the community to build wells and rain collection barrels for clean drinking water, restrooms for sanitation, handwashing facilities, and malaria prevention.  All money raised goes directly into improvements; Chris and any other volunteers cover their own expenses, including food, board, and travel.

The current effort is in Dula, Yumbe, Uganda. For people without clean drinking water where 64% of young children have had diarrhea in the last two weeks, over 90% have malaria, where 75% have no latrine, and the contaminated water hole is an hour’s walk away, we plan to provide clean drinking water, high quality bathrooms, handwashing, and malaria treatment and prevention.

Current Bathroom, and current source of household drinking and cooking water:

For more information, see https://www.facebook.com/people2peopleinc/

We are raising money to donate through Lent.  You can donate through Westport Presbyterian by either mailing a check to Westport Presbyterian and writing Water on the memo line or donate online through our Giving page, select the Mission Giving option on the pull down tab, and write Water in the box for notes.


Previous  improvement projects: