Life of the Church

Life of the Church

A church’s life goes beyond the Sunday morning service, extending into the activities it hosts and sponsors for its members and community. The church’s activities include ongoing activities as well as Signature Events that highlight the unique nature of the congregation.

Mission & Outreach

The mission of Westport Presbyterian Church is to discern God’s activity in the new millennium; to follow Jesus in ministries of service, healing, justice and prayer; and to make the city a better place for people to live, work and worship.


In our congregation, music is an important way we reconnect with God—even a way for us to know God! We emphasize congregational singing. Our choir helps to lead us in bringing out the best of ourselves in singing songs of faith and love, ancient and contemporary, as well as sung responses to prayers and readings. Our choir sings an anthem every week. A choir member with…

Children & Youth

Children’s Sunday School Young Children’s Sunday School Class meets during the first half of our worship service.  Children are invited to meet with our teaching team leaders upstairs just prior to the service starting. They are welcome to stay and play under the babysitter’s watchful eye through the rest of the service. They will rejoin their parents after…