LivingIntegrated (Men’s Support Group)
  • Westport Presbyterian Church
    201 Westport Rd.
    Kansas City, MO 64111

  • Storefront

LivingIntegrated (Men’s Support Group)

LivingIntegrated Men’s Support Group

LivingIntegrated® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps people with Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder find hope and healing by integrating spirituality and recovery practices. It assists organizations in understanding the dynamics of sex addiction in our culture and how to support their members, staff and students who need recovery.

LivingIntegrated meets weekly on Saturday Mornings in the Storefront Community Room at Westport Presbyterian Church.

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Where is the Storefront?

The entrance to the Storefront is located on the front side of our building, on Westport Road, at street level (just to the left of the stairs that lead to the main entrance).

The Storefront