Getting Beyond the Worst Day of Your Life

Getting Beyond the Worst Day of Your Life

Order of Worship Service, October 18   11:00 am (Printable PDF)
(Video will be posted LIVE on the church’s FB page at 11am.  Livestream will be cross-posted here ASAP once the livestream starts)

PRELUDE: All My Trials—traditional spiritual, set by Marilynn Ham
HYMN:  Peoples, Clap Your Hands  (#261   Glory to God)

For the sin of silence,
For the sin of indifference,
For the secret complicity of the neutral,
For the closing of borders,
For the washing of hands,
For the crime of indifference,
For the sin of silence,
For the closing of borders.
For all that was done,
For all that was not done,
Let there be no forgetfulness before the Throne of Glory;
Let there be remembrance within the human heart;
And let there at last be forgiveness
When your children, O God, are free and at peace.
–Chaim Stern

SCRIPTURE:  (from The Message, a Bible translation into contemporary language by Presbyterian pastor, Eugene H. Peterson)    Old Testament:     Daniel 6:4-23;  New Testament:    Acts 6:1-13…..Acts 7:54b-60
SUNG RESPONSE:  What Is This Place  (#404  Glory to God)
SERMON: Getting Beyond the Worst Day of Your Life
CHORAL ANTHEM: Cantique de Jean Racine— Gabriel Fauré 

O Word, equal of the Most High,
Our sole hope,  eternal day of earth and the heavens,
We break the silence of the peaceful night.
Divine Saviour, cast Thine eyes upon us!
Shed the light of Thy mighty grace upon us.
Let all Hell flee at the sound of Thy voice.
Dispel the slumber of a languishing soul
That leads it to the forgetting of Thy laws!
O Christ, be favorable unto this faithful people
Now gathered to bless Thee.
Receive the hymns that offers unto Thine immortal glory
And may it return laden with Thy gifts.

HYMN: `Tis Midnight and on Olive’s Brow
INTERCESSORY PRAYER: — with comments by people on FB (You can also email prayer requests to during office hours)
the Lord’s Prayer
HYMN:    Be Not Afraid  (sing twice) #243   Glory to God
OFFERTORY SOLO: Be Still, My Soul—(Finlandia) Jean Sibelius; arr. Stephen Paulus, Neal Long, tenor
PRAYER OF DEDICATION: a chant of a Psalm line 

Be still and know that I am God.
Be still and know that I am.
Be still and know.
Be still.
Be.          (chant twice)

HYMN: Faith Begins By Letting Go (#684   Glory to God)
SUNG BENEDICTION RESPONSE: Lead Me, Guide Me (sing twice) #740
POSTLUDE: Sonata in F Minor, L. 175–Domenico Scarlatti


Pastor- Scott Myers
Piano- Emily Davidson
Choir- Josh Stark, Neil Long, Jennifer Weiman, Em WitbolsFeugen
Camera/Facebook/Prayer requests: Deanna Capps
Webpage- Martine Roesel


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