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Sermon Archive (Page 2)

Greatness Everyone can Experience

Re-thinking Our Concept of Greatness—Mark 9:30-37 What does it mean to be great? Images of greatness flash across our phone and computer and television screens every single day. This past week a Kenyan runner, (Eleeood Kipjoje) broke the world record in the marathon by over a minute—a great achievement—and he foreshadowed the day, not far off, when a runner will run the…

A Different Kind of Denial

A Different Take on Jesus’ Words: “Deny Yourself!”                                        Mark 8:27-38    I am wondering today about this question of denial. Jesus says to his disciples “Deny yourselves, take up your cross and follow me.” Denial can mean many things! Denial can mean different things—to different people. For example, it is common these…

A Prayer for all Problems

A Prayer for All Problems   Recently, when a problem suddenly arose in my afternoon—   And I was feeling a little pity for myself : “Why did this happened to me at an otherwise peaceful and undisturbed time—   I wrestled around inside my own head for a while.   Then I remembered,   “Scott, you need to pray the Serenity Prayer.”   And I did.…
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