Newsletter 20240228

Newsletter 20240228

Dear Westport Presbies,

Apologies for letting so much time pass without an email!  I don’t know about you, but we’ve been juggling figuring out how to get everything done in the absence of our Fearless Leader.

News In and Around the Community:

Pastor Search:
After Reverend Scott died, we admittedly flailed around trying to figure out what was next.  Over the past half year or so, we have been learning how much Scott did for us and trying to fill in all the places where his loss has left us with gaping holes in our church family and community.
To our great fortune, Susan Wesley Hartley had just moved to St Joseph and joined our congregation not long before.  She stepped up and volunteered to be our Bridge Pastor, to help us out in our time of shock, healing, and trying to pick up the pieces.  As I understand it, in the Presbytery, a Bridge Pastor holds down the fort.  We have renewed her contract with us through May.
Next, we need an Interim Pastor (required between long term pastors) to help us re-evaluate who we are, what we need, and to guide us in our search for our next Full Time Pastor.  We have established an Interim Pastor Search Committee.

    • PALM/PASSION SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE Sunday, March 24  11 a.m. 
    • Good Friday TENABRAE Service   Friday, March 29   7:00 p.m.
    • EASTER SUNDAY COMMUNION SERVICE   Sunday, March 31   11 a.m. 
If you would like to order an Easter Lily for Easter Sunday, please use the sign-up sheet at the back of the sanctuary, or you may contact the church office. The cost is $10 each. You can pay by check or cash and write Easter Lily in the memo line or on the pew envelope. Orders are due by March 24 (Palm Sunday).
Westport Showers continues to grow.  Our home-grown ministry provides hot Sunday breakfast, clothes washing/donations and showers on Sunday morning, Thursday evening showers for women and gender non-conforming, and sack lunches during the week to those who need it.  95 people who needed breakfasts and/or showers came last Sunday.  Volunteers are always welcome, but please contact Drew and Allison or fill out the contact form on the Westport showers website ( to find out when/where you would be most needed.
Our friend, Kate, has set up a community resource center in the Storefront (our street-level room on Westport Rd) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to work with those who need it.
New tenants in our church family:
The Warwick Theater caught fire on Wednesday, Feb 7.  This beautiful, historic building first opened in 1914 as a movie theater but now operates as a place for live performances and has been home to the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre since 2018.  Due to our past connections through Westport Center of the Arts, they wrote to us for help. Of course, we understand being displaced by fire.  Now, Westport Presbyterian is their home as they cope with the damage and pull together the performance they had scheduled.  Our stage will be theirs for the play during the 2nd weekend of March, and they will have the unfinished area upstairs next to the children’s Sunday school room to use as an office.  We welcome the Metropolitan Ensemble performing arts nonprofit to our family.
Riva would like us to know that the measure to allow guns on busses has passed the Missouri House and is now being deliberated in the Senate.
Emma is collecting signatures for a petition to un-ban abortion in Missouri.

Reminders for Safety: When main doors are locked, please be sure the doors do fully close and latch behind you when entering and leaving the building.  Please don’t let strangers follow you in if they do not belong inside our building when locked.
Our church continues to host a variety of groups:
  • Westport Showers, our own ministry to provide showers, hot Sunday breakfast, and sack lunches to those who need it.
  • Mens’ AA group and Mens’ Living Integrated support groups
  • Dance groups: both Irish and historical English dance
  • Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts
  • Meetings for Children’s Mercy Healthy Families, TIES, and Presbyterian Urban and Immigrant Ministry Network (PUIMN)
  • Westport Presbyterian is a polling site for our neighborhood

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Westport Showers needs a Runner: someone who interacts with the people at the doors, showers, and kitchen staff as needed.
  • With Westport showers growing as fast as they are, more volunteers are always needed.
  • We get ham from Harvesters to use for our sandwich lunches.  We need volunteers to cook the ham.

Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday night Zoom bible study meets every other week.  All are welcome; please contact the church for the link.
  • March 2, 7pm- Historical English Dance at 7PM in the church basement (taught/hosted by Martine and Deanna).
  • March 7-10, Metropolitan Ensemble Theater performances.
  • March 9, 15, 17 – Emma, Ben, and Sarah are in Romeo and Juliet, performing at the Lyric Opera (not at WPC).
  • March 22 – Brown Bag concert.  Marian Thomas and friends on harpsicord, cello, flute, and oboe.

Prayer List:

  • Harlan Smith, as he recovers from hip surgery.
  • Carley Simon is in Washington, taking care of her sister-in-law, Sue.  Sue is now going to a nursing home on March 1.  Prayers for those involved in this move.
  • Drew had hernia surgery and has developed an infection.
  • Our friend, Dave has been volunteering in our lunch bags program during the week.  He fell on Monday and had to be taken to the hospital, and we are awaiting further news.
  • Brooke’s mom has her 80th birthday on March 1 and has a mastectomy for breast cancer  scheduled for March 5th.
  • Eddie, who we recently welcomed into our church, seems to have gone missing. Prayers.

If you have information that should make it into next month’s newsletter, please let Martine know.  Deanna will try to relay information if you let her know, but Martine is the one who is currently creating the newsletter.


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