Earth Commons Sunday

Earth Commons Sunday

5th Sunday of Lent: Earth Commons Sunday
April 3, 2022, 11:00 am

PRELUDE:   Träumerei, op. 15, no. 7:  Robert Schumann
Call to Return to Our Souls!  Earth—by Fred Culver

Leader:        EARTH, our home,
People:       Rising above its moon,
Leader:        Delights and inspires everyone   
People:       Who sees it from space.
Leader:        Against intense cosmic black,
People:       The blue speck evokes a deep response.
Leader:        No words express the urge to care for this tiny, fragile planet.  
People:       Experiencing the world as One
Leader:        Awakens a new consciousness.   
People:       Instead of boundaries of fear,
Leader:        A world celebrating diversity 
People:       Is beginning to dawn.
Leader:        Let’s create community based on the indescribable beauty of the Earth 
People:      And on the tremendous freedom of the human spirit.

HYMN:      I Am Your Mother (Earth Prayer)   STF#2059

Leader:       We have forgotten who we are. We have alienated ourselves from the unfolding of the cosmos. We have become estranged from the movements of the earth. We have turned our backs on the cycles of life.
People:       We have forgotten who we are. We have sought only our own security. We have exploited simply for our own ends.  We have distorted our knowledge.  We have abused our power.
Leader:        We have forgotten who we are. Now the land is barren And the waters are poisoned And the air is polluted.
People:       We have forgotten who we are    Now the forests are dying And the creatures are disappearing And humans are despairing.
Leader:        We ask forgiveness
People:       We ask for the gift of remembering
Leader:        We ask for the power to change.
All:             We have forgotten who we are.

Unison Reassurance of a Way of Grace Beyond The Ruined Space 

A leaf is a boat for a beetle. A rock is an island for a frog. A turtle makes a bridge from a log. A branch is an owl’s point of view. A forest is a family for a tree. The earth is a home for you and for me.” Mysterious Creator! Let it Be!

SUNG RESPONSE:  Holy, Holy, Holy (English and Spanish)   GTG#595
Bible reading:   Psalm 65: 5-13

May the words of our mouths And the meditations of our hearts Be acceptable to you, O Lord, our Strength and Our Redeemer. Amen                      

A Dialogue on Learning to Think & Act Towards a Post Carbon, Caring Society—Marty Kraft, Diane Waddell, Rev Scott
ANTHEM: When Jesus Wept: William Billings/Arlen Clarke
Matthew 25 Prayer,  Lord’s Prayer
OFFERTORY: The Crucifixion, op. 29, no. 5: Samuel Barber; Emma WitbolsFeugen, mezzo soprano
PRAYER OF DEDICATION: Shawnee Traveling Song—spoken 

Leader:                 I am walking upon the earth; the earth is my mother.  
People:                 Wherever I walk, I am home.
Leader:                 I am walking with the people who love me; their love surrounds me.   
People:                 Wherever I walk, I am loved.
Leader:                 I am walking on the circle of Creator; Creator above, Creator below.  
People:                 Wherever I walk, I am with Creator.
Leader:                 I am walking upon the earth with people who love me on the circle of Creator.
People:                 I am always home.
Leader:                 I am always loved.  
People:                 I am with Creator.

HYMN:     Over My Head STF#2148

(Drumbeat)  May the sound of the drum awaken us to our deep souls! (Drumbeat) May the drumbeat signal a global awakening! (Drumbeat)May the drumbeat signal a global awakening to the earth’s voice. (Drumbeat) May you love the earth as you love yourself.

HYMN:     Over My Head (refrain)    STF#2148
POSTLUDE: Träumerei: Edward MacDowell







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