Three Found Things!

Three Found Things!

Westport Presbyterian Church 4th Sunday of Lent
March 27, 2022, 11:00 am

PRELUDE: Amazing Grace: Bradley Sowash

Leader;       We begin by giving thanks for the tilting of the earth toward the sun—
People:      Causing our part of the planet to turn from winter to spring.
Leader:       We give thanks for the friendship of flowers poking out of the ground
People:      The flower families are beautiful to behold.
Leader:       We give thanks for the budding tree families.
People:      The trees provide oxygen for us to breathe,
Leader:       Hold the soil in its place,
People:      Create homes for all manner of living beings.
Leader:       We give thanks for the water.
People:      Water to drink. Water to clean. Water to grow everything.
Leader:       We give thanks for our rocky planet so we have something to stand & walk on.
People:      We give thanks for God so we have a measure beyond ourselves.
Leader:       A Power higher than ourselves.
People:      A Source deeper than ourselves.
Leader:       Let us praise and thank the Living God!

CONGREGATIONAL HYMN:   My Soul Cries Out With A Joyful Shout GTG#100

We all live in the same house,    we all must be part of the effort   to hold down our little house. When you see somethingthat is not right, not fair,    not just do something about it.Say something.    Have the courage.    Have the backbone.   You must be bold and brave,   courageous  and find a wayto get in the way. Walk with the wind.It’s all going to work out. Amen
—John Lewis, Freedom Movement leader, 1960’s, Voter Education Project Director, 1970’s, Member of the U.S. House of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1987-2020. Director Before all that, “He preached even to the chickens”.


Pastor:        We are standing on rock shaped by Earth Creator;
People:       Creator above, Creator below.
Pastor:        Creator within. Creator all around.
People:       Wherever we are, we are with the Mysterious Creator.
Pastor:        We are always loved
People:       God’s creative power is always available.
Pastor:        We are happy—and find power—resting in Your Hands. Amen.

SUNG RESPONSE: Live Into Hope   GTG#772
BIBLE READING: Luke 15:1-32
SUNG RESPONSE: Amazing Grace (stanzas 1-5 plus Cherokee stanza)     GTG#649
SCRIPTURE: Three Found Things!
CONGREGATIONAL HYMN: Christ Has Risen While Earth Slumbers
ANTHEM: According to Thy Gracious Word- Mozart, arr. Mark Schweizer
Matthew 25 Prayer, Lord’s Prayer, Sung Response:
HYMN:  Jesus, Remember Me (sing twice)  GTG#227
OFFERTORY: He Was Despised (from Messiah): Handel; Emma WitbolsFeugen , mezzo soprano

Gracious God, we thank you that generosity allows us to experience such abundance. We rejoice to lift before you this potential for all that lights up our church at night and all the light our work shines on the world in the day, for lighted stained glass symbols and awesome stone work, for Westport Showers, Westport Weekday Food Refuge and for Boy Scout Troop 60—for 12 step groups, for creative arts, child care—and for the saint who worked on the old 2nd floor, Brother Jim. And we ask your power to create  our own transformation into a lively, holy, Jesus following offering. Amen.  

CONGREGATIONAL HYMN:   Guide My Feet (stanzas 1-5)   GTG#741
SUNG RESPONSE:  Guide My Feet (stanza 6)  GTG#741
POSTLUDE: How Firm a Foundation: Mark Patterson

During Lent and through Easter Sunday, we are collecting funds to support Ukrainian refugees. Relief funds will be administered by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
, which has a great track record in this work (including saving our congregation in many ways following the 2011 fire). Between the Mission and Outreach budget and individual donations, we have received $3,000 so far. Siyahamba! (“We are marching in the Light of God!”) Give by check or cash to Westport Presbyterian Church and designate the check or pew envelope “Ukrainian Refugees”)





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