Let’s Have an Epiphany Awakening Now!

Let’s Have an Epiphany Awakening Now!

Epiphany #2—Baptism of the Lord Sunday,  January 10, 2021, 11:00 am   (Printable PDF)
(Video will be posted LIVE on the church’s FB page at 11am.  Livestream will be cross-posted here ASAP once the livestream starts)

PRELUDE:  Wayfaring Stranger—American folk hymn, setting by Larry Shackley

Pastor:           Here in the busy city
All:                Now let the church be seen
Pastor:           Where lesser gods are worshipped
All:                In money and machine;
Pastor:           Where news is but sensation,
All:                The Good News hardly heard.
Pastor:           Now let the church take action
All:                In living out the word!
Pastor:           Here in the busy city
All:               God walks on every street
Pastor:           In generous or greedy,
All:                The honest or the cheat,
Pastor:           And daily we must offer
All:                The good that goes unpriced
Pastor:           With vigor and with vision
All:                The lifestyle of the Christ.
–Shirley Erena Murray

HYMN: Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing (#475)

Pastor:         There is something basically wrong with our world,
All:              We don’t have to look too far to see that.
Pastor:         Look in the hearts and souls of human beings.
All:              The great danger facing us today is not the atomic bomb, dangerous as it is.
Pastor:         The real danger is that atomic bomb which lies in the hearts & souls of humans.
All:              Capable of exploding in the vilest of hate and the most damaging selfishness.
Pastor:         That’s the atomic bomb we must fear today.
All:              And that is the basis of our confession
Pastor:         And our commitment
All:             To go beyond the mind that we now have. Amen.
-—adapted from “Recovering Lost Values” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

HYMN:  Take Me to the Water (#480)
SERMON:   Mark 1:4-11          Acts 19:  1-7
HYMN:  Lord, When You Came to Jordan    (#71 Blue Hymnal)
SERMON:    Let’s Have an Epiphany Awakening Now! (Transcript)
CHORAL ANTHEM:  Down Galilee’s Slow Roadways— Michael Burkhardt
INTERCESSORY PRAYER:— with comments by people on FB (You can also email prayer requests to info@westportpresbyterian.org during office hours)
the Lord’s Prayer

SUNG RESPONSE: O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright (#69)
OFFERTORY SOLO:  Honor! Honor! —Spiritual, arr. Hall Johnson, Jennifer Weiman, mezzo soprano
                 Offering link
PRAYER OF DEDICATION: “Be Still and Know That I am God”
Repeat chant, removing one word from the end each repetition
Come, O Spirit (#127 Blue hymnal)
SUNG BENEDICTION RESPONSE: Take Me to the Water (#480 stanzas 1,4)
Postlude: How Brightly Shines the Morning Star— Carl Kuntze (1817-1833)

Pastor- Scott Myers
Piano- Emily Davidson
Choir- Josh Stark, Neil Long, Jennifer Weiman, Em WitbolsFeugen
Camera/Facebook/Prayer requests: Deanna Capps
Webpage- Martine Roesel


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