THE WAY!— is the way I am taking

THE WAY!— is the way I am taking

Order of Worship Service—May 17, 11am  (Printable PDF Link)
(Video will be posted LIVE on the church’s FB page at 11am.  Livestream will be cross-posted here ASAP once the livestream starts)

PRELUDE: The Unclouded Day—Josiah Kelley Alwood, arr. Joel Raney
HYMN: Glory to God#339    Lift Every Voice and Sing

–by Dr King   (repeat after Leader)

The trouble isn’t that we don’t know enough,
but that we aren’t good enough.
The trouble isn’t that our scientific genius lags behind,
but our moral genius lags behind.
The great problem facing us
is that the means by which we live
have outdistanced the spiritual ends for which we live.
So we find ourselves caught in a messed-up world.
The problem is with us and our souls.
We haven’t learned how to be just and kind
and loving and forgiving and true.
And that is the basis of our confession
of our deep, damaging and self damaging problems. Amen

HYMN:  Sing the Faith#2160   Into My Heart
SCRIPTURE:     Psalm 46—John 14:1-6, 15-21—Luke 9:23
SUNG RESPONSE to scripture:   Sing the Faith#2190    Bring Forth the Kingdom
SERMON: THE WAY!— is the way I am taking 
CHORAL ANTHEM:  Jacob’s Ladder—- John Stainer, arr. Martin Shaw
INTERCESSORY PRAYER: with comments by people on Facebook (read by Deanna)… conclude with the Lord’s Prayer
Glory to God#656 We’ve Come This Far by Faith
OFFERTORY SOLO: Jesus Walked this Lonesome Valley—-arranged by Gordon Myers, sung by Jennifer Weiman, mezzo soprano
                 Offering link

(Repeat after Leader)

Here in the busy city
Now let the church be seen
Where lesser gods are worshipped
In money and machine;
Where news is but sensation,
The Good News hardly heard.
Now let the church take action
In living out the word!
Here in the busy city
God walks on every street
In generous or greedy,
The honest or the cheat,
And daily we must offer
The good that goes unpriced
With vigour and with vision
The lifestyle of the Christ.               –Shirley Erena Murray

HYMN: Glory to God#726   Will You Come and Follow Me? (The Summons)
SUNG RESPONSE:   #740 Lead Me, Guide Me  (Sing Twice)
POSTLUDE: The Summons—Ann Krentz


Pastor- Reverend Scott
Piano- Emily Davidson
Quartet- Jennifer Weiman, Josh Stark, Megan Dobbs, Neil Long
Camera and Facebook- Deanna Capps
Website- Martine Roesel


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