7/12/18: Etta Carlisle, prayers, action

7/12/18: Etta Carlisle, prayers, action

Dear Westport Presbies, family and friends,

 A memorial service celebrating the life and spirit of Etta Marie Carlisle will be held this Saturday, July 14, 10 am in the sanctuary. There will be a reception afterwards, a pot luck event including Etta  Marie’s Christmas Eve popcorn balls. Smile. All memorial gifts received will go to the Westport Concert series.

 Martine Roesel’s family is in sudden grief over the death of her uncle, struck by a car while biking yesterday(Wednesday) Ab (Albert) Roesel is the oldest brother of Martine’s dad. Prayers for Martine and the family.

 A good church friend of Elidah Chibanda’s, Mrs. Ngulube, in the Trinity Presbyterian  Church in Greencroft, Harare, Zimbabwe,  has died. Prayers for the family.

 Newborn Zack Capps is doing great! Deanna and James and Reese remain blessed.

 My firstborn daughter, Marisel, has had a baby, Della, who was born prematurely on July 2, was in NICU at Research for several days, but is doing well now. Marisel seems very happy, along with the father and Marisel’s two sisters, Naz and Ellla. We praise God!

 We are cooking for Cherith Brook (ministry to homeless people) on Wednesday, July 25 at 5:30. Please come and help!

 There is a Sing-A-Long led by Grace Odell, pianist, and Martine Roesel on Monday, July 16 at 7:30 p.m. Join in the singing in the chapel.

 A number of our members have been involved in the Poor Peoples Campaign and the movement for dignity for immigrants and parents and children being separated by misguided government policies.

 Trail White’s Eagle Scout project, a rummage sale to support a school in Puerto Rico, went very well, raising over $1,400. Hooray!

 A great organ concert was held in our church last week, as a part of the National American Guild of Organists convention! Marie Rubis Bauer gave a recital to a standing room only crowd in the sanctuary. Martin Pasi, our organ builder, came from Washington and tuned the organ. Hooray!

 Support the Back to School Project! We are getting closer to our goal of $1,200. We’re partnering with Willow Woods Child Care Center again this year. 

Keep the faith…..Rev Scott



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