7/24 NEWS from Westport Presby

7/24 NEWS from Westport Presby

Dear Westport Presbies, family and friends,

 A beautiful memorial service was held for Etta Marie Carlisle on Saturday, July 14. Sweet memories shared by all, beautiful music, prayers and message. And Etta Marie is still helping the church as there have been quite a few gifts to the Westport Concert Series in her honor. Thanks to all who were part of it, in person and in spirit.

 We are praying for Belva Lee Berlekamp in the North Kansas City Hospital, recovering from surgery, hoping to avoid any more surgeries due to complications related to diabetes. We also pray for:
Ginger Ferguson in the death of her sister, Dixie Heddlesten– Bruce Anderson, still recovering from brain surgery, Martine Roesel in the death of her uncle, Ab Roesel–Lora Farrell’s mother, Dianne Farrell(stroke), Steve Gay(Nancy and Charles’ son) and of course all the families in the duck boat tragedy and all separated immigrant families, and also Elidah Chibanda’s home country of Zimbabwe as they prepare for decisive elections on July 30 after many years of dictatorship.

 Scout Troop 60 is at camp! Hooray! See some attached photos!

 We had a wonderful visit Sunday with Doug Paterson, Rusty Grimm and Jim Coleman, all who grew up at Westport and were here for a 50th high school reunion. They were thrilled and deeply moved at seeing the rebuilt church for the first time.

 We are cooking a meal for Cherith Brook House of Hospitality this Wednesday, July 25, 5:30-7:00 pm. Come and join in.

 There is a 5th Sunday Breakfast this Sunday, July 29 at 9:30 am. A brief called Session meeting at 10:30 so we can add to our church family a longtime friend of ours who wants to join by reaffirmation of faith.

Keep the faith…..Rev Scott


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