Bluegrass Mass, Willow Woods Renovation Hope, Pledge Drive,

Bluegrass Mass, Willow Woods Renovation Hope, Pledge Drive,

Dear Westport Presbies, family and friends,

This Sunday, Nov. 10, 10:50 am is a special Westport Concert Series in the worship service: A BLUEGRASS MASS, shared with us by our supernatural Westport Choir and a talented group of musicians. “Come Away to the Skies: A High Lonesome Bluegrass Mass” by Tim Sharp and Wes Ramsay will be performed by the choir with added voices of Riva Capellari, Janice Raach and Katherine Dick AND musicians James Albright, acoustic bass (of Doug Talley/Martin Luther King Day jazz concert), Carl Anderton, banjo; Martha Haehl, guitar; Richelle Basgall, fiddle; Kent Brauninger, mandolin; and Mark Lowry, percussion (Westport Center for the Arts grant writer).

We are setting sail on an adventure of hope to pull off a major renovation of the Willow Woods Child Development Center. We have identified a potential funder, a local foundation that funds major bricks and mortar projects like ours; an experienced grant writing group that has had success with this funder, most recently in the new downtown YMCA building; and we are seeking an architect to do an assessment of the total building needs. We will be meeting in the next ten days with the grant writing group to begin the process. Pray for us in this adventure in hope for our church, Willow Woods and the Westport community.

Our Fall Pledge Drive has begun. Our goal is $98,000. We’re about halfway to the goal. Please consider your response to God’s grace and guidance in your life and your family and friends’ lives, and the meaning and impact of this church in your life and in our world. The drive continues through Thanksgiving. The Pledge Drive, which we absolutely need success in, still only funds  about 40% of our budget. The climb is always a difficult one! Help make it easier! Smile.

Under the leadership of Josh Stark, the Phoenix Rising Youth Group is growing in strength and purpose. With a central activity of Improvisational Drama  and discussion of the issues and questions that emerge from the Improv dramas, middle school and high school youth are enjoying the experience and inviting their friends. Last week, Josh brought the youth to the play “Stealing Kandinsky”. We meet every 1st and 3rd Fridays, 6-8 pm. Dinner is provided. Invite your friends! Next gathering is Friday, Nov. 13.

Speaking of the play(smile), “Stealing Kandinsky” continues with 3 final performances this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Nov. 7,8,9 at 7:30 p.m. at the Just Off Broadway Theater. Tickets can be purchased at the box office the night of the play, or here is a link to buy advance tickets:

Here is some of play’s dialogue:

  • “Artists create worlds that do not currently exist!”–Jerome Jupiter, artist
  • “Did you know the Nazis called Black Jazz Music degenerate?”–Richard Wolfson, art museum curator
  • “I am the Queen of all the Cowgirls!” –Lucy Swan, art museum CEO
  • “They were gonna drop you on your head in a way you wouldn’t have gotten up from!” –Bonehead, old friend of Jerome Jupiter’s
  • “You know art. I know crime. Sometimes, what you see up close isn’t what you see farther away. And vice versa. Criminals are the same. — Officer Witt, detective

Our annual Thanksgiving Dinner is Sunday, Nov. 24 right after worship. Our new, fantastic caterer, Miguel Morales, is bringing the whole Turkey Dinner again. Adults $13. Children 4-10, $6. under 4, free. Please make reservations ASAP so we can tell Miguel how many are coming. Reply to this email or call the church office with your reservations. Some complimentary meals are available for individuals and families for whom the total cost is steep.

Please keep in your prayers: Nancy Brockman(her sister, Kathy Westbay died), Paul White and family(Paul’s father, Roger White, died), Steven Thomas (Marian and Tim Thomas’ son, going through intense chemotherapy), Nancy Gay (recuperation), Fred Culver and Rae Peterson, Mike Roush(chemotherapy), Martine (traveling to Thailand), Elidah Chibanda (just returned from Zimbabwe),continued health and happiness for Joseph Raach, son of Joe and Rita Marie Raach), Sweeney family (returned from amazing adventure

to Madagascar and Paris), Drew and Allison (Celebration of Vows), Laura Hughes (returned from caring for her mother for several months), Carly Simon(returned from caring for her brother and sister-in-law), Bob and Elaine Russell (new grandparents), Linda and Harlan Smith (loss of beloved pet), Ginger Ferguson (new job), Maxine Lindsey(our oldest member, nearing 100) and Mayme Pearl Ward (of Barnett family, who were here in strength for many years. Mayme died at 103 recently. Last year, she gave $50,000 to put a new roof on Willow Woods.)

An anti-white nationalism, one evening conference is happening at our church this Thursday night (tomorrow), Nov. 7 from 7-9 pm. Drew Irwin and Rev Scott are helping to make it happen. Think about coming to discuss and hear about this timely issue.

Attached are some photos that dramatize what you/we are doing here and in the city:

  1. Bluegrass Mass
  2. Phoenix Rising Youth Group Improv (William White, Avelin Sweeney, Maya Christiansen)
  3. Kids Team Up for Art mural painted at Westport Art Fair
  4. Painting the mural at the art fair
  5. Stealing Kandinsky scene
  6. Stealing Kandinsky scene
  7. Stealing Kandinsky scene
  8. Youth Group Improv photo (Josh Stark, leader, and William White)

Keep the faith and the hope…..Rev Scott


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