Father’s Day, Interfaith work, heART and Soul,

Father’s Day, Interfaith work, heART and Soul,

Dear Westport Presbies, family and friends,

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16.  As one way of honoring fathers, please bring to worship any personal items, photos, etc which help celebrate, remember, and honor your father. We will have display tables set up in the sanctuary.

We also promise an intriguing “Trialogue Sermon”. I will be joined by Debbie and Barry Speert for this. Debbie is a veteran teacher at the Kansas School for the Deaf. Barry is an interfaith leader/teacher. You know who I am.(smile) Questions we will be addressing are: “How has your spirituality evolved  in recent years? What is a mis-teaching in your faith?” and “Has the Heavenly Father gotten a bad rap?”

Carly Simon is doing great after surgery and should be home today(Thursday). We praise God and her surgeon, Dr. Bunch, who has been on assignment with her for over six months now. This looks like the light well beyond the end of the tunnel!
We keep Nancy Gay and Nancy Brockman in our prayers. Nancy came to church last Sunday! And we pray for Steven Thomas as he goes through chemotherapy treatments.

Between Stan Morgan, Deanna Capps, Emily Davidson and myself, we have begun concrete plans for a great “heART and Soul Week for Young People”, July 29 – August 3. This is a week for young people to explore being “In the Spirit” through art, music, games, worship, Bible, nature. Our main themes are: Respect for People! Respect for the Earth! It will be an all day program, Mon-Fri, 9-3, with an hour before and an hour after for less structured activity and help for parents doing drop off and pick up. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we plan this exciting ministry!

Also, we are starting to plan a youth ministry in the fall, as a follow up to Faith Quest 4 Youth. Josh Starks and I will be working together on THE PHOENIX PROJECT, a spiritual communications ministry with young people.

Check out the attached poster for the Westport Center for the Arts theatre event this  weekend! Also, a photo that illustrates Sunday’s trialogue theme and a photo of a young artist in Kids  Team Up for Art, one of our congregation’s creative mission efforts  that is happening every week this summer in three of Kansas City’s community centers (Westport Roanoke, Tony Aguirre, Garrison).

We are all set up with showers, washer, dryer for the Shower Ministry. Thanks to all who have donated and assisted with giving showers. More to come from Mission and Outreach on this ministry.

Finally, the Westport Recital Series is planning a piano and harp concert this Sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. See attached photos of harpist Victoria Schultz and pianist Michael Dolman.

Keep the faith. Rev Scott


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