Pentecost (Wear Red) Choral Service & Other Westport News

Pentecost (Wear Red) Choral Service & Other Westport News

Dear Westport Presbies, family and friends!

Greetings to you in the Power of the Holy Spirit! The Spirit creates community and calls the community to work beyond its boundaries, following Jesus in engaging and transcending the world’s troubles while sharing the world’s joys.

We invite you to celebrate Pentecost with us this Sunday, June 9 a 10:50 This will be a special choral service with exciting music, spoken word, congregational singing and lively Holy Spirit activity by the children! WEAR SOMETHING RED! SMILE!

We pray thanks and joy for Jennifer White in the positive outcome of her medical tests. We pray for faith and healing for Steven Thomas (son of Marian and Tim Thomas) as he begins chemotherapy treatments. We open our hearts to Nancy Gay, Nancy Brockman, and all people suffering from the flooding and tornados. Let our prayers lead to action and deeds of love and hope to change our culture of gun violence after another mass shooting, this time in Virginia Beach. We are people who cannot rest until we have begun to turn this tide around through our voices, our feet, our prayers and our voting. “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children for God.”

Thanks to all who are beginning to help with the shower ministry, the heART and Soul summer “arts and spirituality week for young people, the Westport Rising Sunday School, lunch bags, and other work in our community.

Please check our new website for other ministries and events coming up here in the early summer, including a Westport Recital Series concert and a Westport Center for the Arts theatre event, both on the weekend of June 14-16.

Remember your father on Father’s Day! (June 16) Smile.

Photos and Attachments:

  1. Sermon last Sunday: A Miracle of Contagious Joy
  2. Faith Quest 4 Youth Symbols Scavenger Hunt
  3. Faith Quest 4 Youth Symbols Scavenger Hunt
  4. Zack walking! Emily Davidson celebrating!
  5. Ramadan Fast Breaking Dinner

Keep the faith….Rev Scott


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