Message Amidst Pandemic to Westport Presbyterian

Message Amidst Pandemic to Westport Presbyterian

Dear Westport Presbies, family and friends,

Our EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND is already doing a lot of good for those who have lost jobs, been laid off or experienced severely reduced hours and pay. In the past month,  $3,800 has been given to people in need in our extended church family. Thanks to all generous souls who have donated. I am sure we will need to continue to assist people. You can send in a check to the church  or donate through the church website. Designate it for Emergency Relief. Regular giving is done in the same ways.

The SUNDAY SHOWER MINISTRY is growing. Sixteen homeless people came in last Sunday for showers, clothes washing and food. As this work grows, we do need food dishes made for Sunday morning. The people who come in are hungry, and filling meals with protein and starch, fruit, are needed. Last Sunday was macaroni and cheese and baked ham, cornbread. We need meals that are already cooked and can be heated up. Thanks to Brooke Sweeney, Mission Committee chairperson for leading this great work, along with Drew Irwin, Steve Zeoli, Stan Morgan, Chris Sweeney, Riva Capellari, Scott Myers(food) and others who have donated needed items.

The LIVE STREAM WORSHIP SERVICE is reaching many people with a hopeful, comforting and challenging message through music, sermon, prayers and artful worship. Tune in on Facebook at 11 am Sundays. We are reaching people in the Kansas City metro area, as well as Illinois, Minnesota, Canada, Texas, New York, Vermont, California, Germany and Africa. Because of the pandemic, we have decided to celebrate Earth Day for a second Sunday to put the focus on the need for global healing and renewal. An order of service is available on the church’s website ahead of the service. Thanks to Martine Roesel for her work on this and other website matters, together with Deanna Capps, our great camera person for the Live Stream. Thanks to our faithful section leaders and Emily Davidson for beautiful music in a dark, anxious time.

We buried beautiful, faithful long time member, Maxine Lindsey this past Monday, April 27 at Mount Moriah Cemetery. Maxine was 99 years and 11 months old, but the family and church are going to round it up to 100 when we have a celebration of her life and public memorial service when the coast is clear. Maxine’s three adult children, Ann, Greg and Ron were there, along with spouses and 2-3 grandchildren. Only 10 allowed. All of us wore masks. It was very hard in a way, but faithfulness carried the day. The funeral home Live Streamed the service to other family members and friends.

SILENT PRAYERS OF SORROW AND RESPECT FOR ALL THE DEAD AND DYING AND THEIR LOVED ONES……”like stars by day, they are not seen now with mortal eyes, but they shine on in the endless skies and spaces of deep Heaven.”

Keep in your prayers: Nancy Brockman(hospice at home), Deanna Wardlow(her father passed), Steven Thomas, Bob Hughes(friend of Linda Smith), Mary C. Connaghan (friend of Marian Thomas), Paul Bredenkamp (friend of Angie Weston), Bettie Taylor, Paul White’s mother(Stella Taylor), Drew and Alison(expecting child soon), Allison Jett(Carly Simon’s granddaughter expecting identical twins who have struggled some during pregnancy), Fred Culver(back home after rehab in St. Luke’s), Elidah Chibanda (moved to Arizona to be with her daughter, Nyasha), all doctors and nurses, health care workers, first responders, police and firefighters, all the people working in grocery stores, social services, drugstores and other places people need to visit to survive at this time, all unemployed, the artists, musicians, and government leaders who are stepping up and taking responsibility for the people in their cities, states, nation, vaccine and treatment researchers!

Two AA groups, socially distanced, a women’s group and a men’s group, continue to meet at church. We give out sack lunches to the homeless during the week. We continue to assist Cherith Brook, Shepherd Center, One Great Hour of Sharing. Rev. Eric Garbison, Nick Pickrel l(Open Table at Second Pres) and I are close to choosing a consultant to conduct an anti-racism audit of Heartland Presbytery. We are also working with New Worshipping Communities of Heartland Presbytery. Thanks to Emily Davidson for her spring tomato plantings project, which many have benefitted from.

Keep faith, hope and love alive!
Rev Scott Myers


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