Mural Dedication and other news

Mural Dedication and other news

 Hello Westport Presbies, family and friends!
On Friday, Sept 9, 6:30 pm many people, several neighborhoods, churches and groups are joining together at the entrance to Westport Presby @ the wall of Willow Woods Child Development Center,  to dedicate the great artist Stan Morgan’s beautiful, massive mural “A VISION OF STEPTOE & PENN SCHOOL: A STEP FORWARD. Coincides with opening of the Westport Art Fair and they are helping with publicity.

This mural art project, also involving Willow Woods Child children and teachers, and the Westport Presby Friday youth art class, has become part of a larger effort to preserve and honor what remains of Steptoe, a post slavery community where freed slaves built homes and created Black Westport. The St James Baptist Church  (from Steptoe era) next to St Luke’s is  joining Westport Presby, Plaza Westport neighborhood, Willow Woods and Historic Kansas City Foundation In the event. Several former Steptoe residents are joining in the dedication. After the dedication , we are showing a 35 minute Steptoe documentary “ A Step Above the Plaza” in the church on the big screens!

You may also tour two art exhibits inside—“WCA Artists” & “Art of the Pandemic” featuring works by Taylor Brown, Jasmine Ali, Tracy Ali, Felix Maull, Stan Morgan, Deanna Capps, Kayla Hansley and Xavier Gayden. 
Join us in spreading The Light!  Rev Scott


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