NEWS from Westport Presby incl. WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY

NEWS from Westport Presby incl. WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY

Dear Westport Presbies, family and friends,

 We celebrate with Jesus followers all around the world this Sunday, Oct. 7, WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY. It’s a reminder of the need for global thinking, that our cause is global, and that despite wars and violence, we are always preparing and working for the next time of peace. With Jesus as our leader, we seek a non violent revolution in values, beginning with a deeply felt dependence on the love of God, who strengthens us to “sing, fight and pray” for all those (as the great Howard Thurman said) whose backs are against the wall. Come help us envision a global community on Sunday! It’s called the Kingdom of God! Smile.

 Speaking of global: Chun Man Sit, a master of the art of Tai Chi, and a friend of our congregation’s for many years, is offering a workshop this Saturday, Oct. 6, 2:30-4:30 at the church. The $30 fee is a benefit for our church. This is a person well worth spending a couple hours with!

 One result of our church’s mission, KIDS TEAM UP FOR ART, is now involved with children and art at the Westport-Roanoke Community Center, the Scuola Nuova Charter School, branches of the Kansas City Public Library and Tony Aguirre Community Center. WHEN THE COMMUNITY CREATES ART, THE ARTS CREATE COMMUNITY! See a photo of a recent KTUFA arts creation in action.

 Attached is last week’s sermon about creating a JUDGMENT FREE ZONE for everyone feeling the pressure of harsh judgment these days, whether the judgment of others, or just being too hard on yourself. Our work instead is to CREATE SPACE FOR GRACE.

 This Sunday’s message is: WHO DO YOU DEPEND ON? WHO DEPENDS ON YOU?

 We keep each of you in our prayers and thoughts and hope you feel the love of God and the encouragement of this body of Christ in Westport as you live your life.

 Keep the faith….Rev Scott

SERMON To Be or Not to Be Judgment Free


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