Joys, Inspirations, Challenges at Westport Presby

Joys, Inspirations, Challenges at Westport Presby

Dear Westport Presbies, family and friends,

We greet you in the name and power of the pioneer of our faith, Jesus Christ! We are thankful for you and for all you are doing to follow Jesus in the course of your life!

We are keeping Carly Simon in our prayers as she recuperates from a second knee surgery, following a recent injury. She is back home. We also keep Fred Culver in our prayers, Sue Newman, Libby Asher, and Kathy Westbay and the students at Central Missouri State University where three students have tragically died recently.

We are glad to see Stan Morgan back after his long journey throughout the midwest and western United States!

A number of us continue to work on living wage campaigns, the Poor Peoples Campaign, environmental and women’s rights efforts, along with local Westport and neighborhood projects.

While we will not know the results for a few months, we are also working on an effort to house important social services in the 2nd floor space of our new building. Keep praying for strength and hope to “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God,” what I am calling today “The Compassionate Community.”

We have an inspirational worship service planned for this Sunday! Somebody’s going to be knocking on your door… smile.

The Contemporary Issues Sunday School class will soon be starting a study of THE BOOK OF JOY, a dialogue between the Dalai Llama and Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa. Let Drew Irwin or Rev Myers know if you want to join, and we will order you a book ($10).

An Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Mickey Myers is coming at the beginning of December. Exact date later.

Attached also are some examples of the spirit creating art and art creating spirit… for your spirit…

Keep the faith… Rev Scott


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