Youth & climate change causes, SS winter coat drive & play WESTPORT PRESBY NEWS

Youth & climate change causes, SS winter coat drive & play WESTPORT PRESBY NEWS

Dear Westport Presbies, friends and family,

 Greetings to you and prayers for God’s grace in your daily journey through work, chores, studies, relationships, recovery and rest. We are thankful for our friendships and spiritual connections to each other and for our mutual connection in our calling to follow Jesus Christ in Westport and beyond.

 We begin with prayers for Libby Asher, Joe Raach’s aunt, who is very ill with cancer. Also Sue Newsom, Carly Simon’s sister-in-law. Elidah Chibanda in her journeys in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Evan Barclay in the death of his mother, Cindy Kimbrough. Lora Farrell with many family responsibilities.

 Ave Sweeney is seeking support for a project that will enable her and 6th graders at Border Star School to go to New York for the Montessori Model United Nations in February.  They are COLLECTING BOX TOPS for the effort. Read the PDF FLYER ATTACHED with this email. The school number is 402186.  There is also an app for bonus box tops too.

 On Monday, Oct. 29, 4:30-5:30 pm, join the rally at UMKC in support of young people who have brought a lawsuit demanding action on climate change to protect all life on the planet. The MISSOURI RALLY FOR THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY is sponsored by the Children’s Trust. The rally is at Holmes and 51st street in the middle of the campus. Check out this Facebook link for more info:

 Our PLEDGE DRIVE GOAL this year is $90,000. Please prayerfully consider how you will help God in the work God is doing in, around and beyond Westport Presbyterian Church. This is your opportunity to connect to God’s work in the church, the child care center, the arts center, our mission in the community, Presbyterian Urban and Immigrant Ministry Network, Shepherd Center, music and children’s ministries, scouting, people coming to the church in need.

 Two weekends to go for ORACLE OF THE OZARKS. Thurs/Fri/Sat this last weekend of October(25,26,27) and the first weekend of November (1,2,3). All performances at 7:30 pm on the sanctuary stage. Check out attached photos of a startling performance of an original stage play happening in our building!

 Coming Soon: Saturday, Nov. 10, 7:30 p.m., the next  in the Westport Concert Series: Paul Meier, organist.

 We may have had the all time outstanding Brown Bag Concert last Friday, when resident artists at the Lyric Opera performed selections from the operas the Lyric is offering this season. There were lots of tears and goosebumps and inner “Wows!” in the audience!

 The Westport Rising Children’s Sunday School is starting a drive to obtain winter coats for children in need at the nearby Frank Rushton Elementary School. Let’s pitch in and help them as we did with the Heifer Project.

 Keep the faith…..Rev Scott

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