Illuminated Christmas Eve Service

Illuminated Christmas Eve Service

Order of Worship —December 24, 2021  (Printable PDF)

*Note: Due to everyone who is knowledgeable about the filming of church services being on vacation, this is actually the video from last year’s service.  Most of the art this year is the same as last year’s art, but there are a few additions this year.  Art/photos unique to 2021 are attached at the bottom of this page.

PRELUDE:  On this Day, Earth Shall Ring (PERSONENT HODIE) by Mark Patterson.

Let us share the Light of Christmas Night!
On the Eve of Christmas—Hatred will vanish.
On the Eve of Christmas—the Earth will flourish.
On the Eve of Christmas—War and Terror will begin to die
On the Eve of Christmas—Love and Hope will begin to be born.
When we offer comfort to the sick and dying—It is Christmas.
When we extend hospitality to the homeless and refugees—It is Christmas.
When we hold in our arms the lonely person—It is Christmas.
When the spirit of fear dies within us—It is Christmas.
Let there be peace this Christmas!

CONGREGATIONAL HYMN: O Come, All Ye Faithful (#133)
ILLUMINATED CHRISTMAS EVE:  A Christmas Eve Celebration with readings from the Prophet Isaiah and the Gospels of Matthew, Luke and John—Hymns—a display of art from all over the Planet Earth and ever time and age—that depicts and interprets the Nativity Story.

1. The Prophecy of Isaiah
Go Tell It On the Mountain (#136)
2. Zechariah and Elizabeth—Gabriel appears to Mary
HYMN: Star Child
3. The Angel reveals the decisive impact of the baby’s birth
HYMN: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (#119)
4. Gospel of Luke’s story of the journey to Bethlehem and birth of Jesus
HYMN: What Child Is This (#145)
5. Gospel of Luke’s story of the shepherds and the multitude of angels
HYMN: Rise Up, Shepherd and Follow (#135)
6. Shepherds’ visit to Bethlehem and the journey of the Magi to see the babe
HYMN: We Three Kings of Orient Are (#151)
7. Adoration of the Magi and the Flight to Egypt
Joy to the World  (#134) 

TIME FOR SILENT MEDITATION—end with ringing of gong
HYMN:  Away in a Manger   (#114)

Leader:       Light looked down and saw darkness.
Everyone:  “I will go there,” said Light.
Leader:       Peace looked down and saw war.
Everyone:   “I will go there,” said Peace.
Leader:       Love looked down and saw hatred.
Everyone:   “I will go there,” said Love.
Leader:       So may the Lord of Light!
Everyone:   The Prince of Peace!
Leader:      The King of Love!
Everyone:   Come down and creep in beside all of us—beginning tonight!
Adapted from Cloth for the Cradle, Iona Community

SERVICE OF CANDLELIGHTING:  People at home can light a candle, a flashlight, or a small lamp in a darkened room.
HYMN:  Silent Night, Holy Night #122


Art/Photos added for 2021: (click on first photo to see it full size and read it’s title/description, and go through the gallery series by clicking the right arrow)


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  1. Janet

    So happy that we could spend Christmas Eve with you Scott, Jeannie and those others who were in attendance this Holy night ! The choir sounded beautiful. Merry Christmas to all!

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