Come, Holy Child!

Come, Holy Child!

Fourth Sunday of Advent—Christmas Sunday    December 19, 2021

PRELUDE: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme— arr. Daniel Léo Simpson, 2018

Leader         O Wisdom, O holy Spirit of God,   You infuse all creation with Your strong, tender care.
People:       Arise! Show your people the way to liberating love!
Leader:        The day of the Lord is very near!In joyful hope, let us offer to God our prayers:
People:       That we may be blessed with the spirit of simplicity   which marked Jesus’ birth—
Leader:        That we may be blessed with the spirit of joy which marked Jesus’ teaching and preaching—
People:       That we may be blessed with the spirit of compassionwhich marked Jesus’ healing of the sick and the dying—
Leader:        The Messiah’s beloved global community revealed to us,  the love of God growing within and among us.
People:       May your birth bring peace to all, O Lord. 

HYMN:   #88   Glory to God    O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (stanzas 1,2)

Leader:        As we await the miracle of Bethlehem,    let us offer our prayers to the Lord who comes:
People:       For the gift to see the Light of the World    in simple things and humble acts, we pray to the Lord:
Leader:        O Emmanuel, come and fill us with your love!
People :      For the gift of peacemaking among all peoples, families,  communities, friends—and within ourselves,
Leader:        O Emmanuel, come and fill us with your peace!
People:       For the gift of faith in times of uncertainty,   For the gift of faith in the face of fear  For the gift of faith to act as if God is already acting in concert with us,
Leader:        O Emmanuel, come and fill us with your faith in God’s loving presence.
People:       For the gift of silent nights,
Leader:        For the gift of quiet waiting,
People:       For the gift of stillness amidst all outer and inner noise,
Leader:        O Emmanuel, come and fill us with your calming, encouraging Spirit
People:       Child of Bethlehem, house of bread,  Lover of Jerusalem, city of peace,
Leader:        You love us without limit or condition, in our greatness and in our misery,  in our folly and in our virtue,
People:       May your hand be always upon our us, May your Spirit always be filling us
Leader:        So that we, too, may become bread and peace for one another
People:       Amen. Let it be so. And let it be soon.

CONGREGATIONAL HYMN:  Glory to God#140   Once in Royal David’s City 

Pastor:    You came in weakness and vulnerability, showing that true power  is not in the ability to control or destroy, but in the ability to grow and bless.
People:       Forgive the ways we seek to dominate and do harm, O Christ.
Pastor;        You came in poverty, showing that true value and beauty are not in currencies and commodities, but in the unexpected readiness of people to share boldly and care richly.
People:       You were not offered a place in the inn, yet you extended extravagant welcome to all – those who were known and loved; those who were judged and shunned.
Pastor:         O Christ, forgive our hypocrisy, when we cherish the comforts of home and community, but refuse hospitality to others.
People:       You were targeted as a small child; you were scorned as you taught, healed; you died on the most gruesome invention of brutality, yet you did not respond in kind.
Pastor         You did not aspire to destroy your enemies; you showed the path of peace, and you give hope for a future beyond violence.
People:       Forgive our lust for repayment and reprisal, O Christ; extinguish our hate, and show us the kingdom of heaven, we pray.   Amen. CONGREGATIONAL HYMN    #110 Glory to God hymnal   Love Has Come

BIBLE READINGS:   Luke 1:39-56   Malachi 3: 1-5a, 5c 
SERMON: Come, Holy Child!
CONGREGATIONAL HYMN:  Gentle Mary Laid Her ChildGtG#146
Anthem: Cold, the Winter- Mark Schweizer
Christmas Prayer—Lords Prayer—Congregational Response #126    Jesus, Jesus, O What a Wonderful Child
Christmas Lullaby—H. Leslie Adams  Neal Long, tenor

Leader:        It was cold and Mary and Joseph were fearful.
People:     But that did not stop the birth.
Leader:         They were poor and had no place fitting for their child.
People: But that did not stop the birth.
Leader: They were uncertain about what God wanted from them.
People:        But that did not stop the birth.
Leader:      And today we are still sometimes cold and fearful, certainly poor in many ways.
People:    We often feel that we have no place and are unclear about what God wants of us.
Leader:       But these things did not stop the birth of Jesus then, nor will they now.
People:         Christ Jesus, be born in us today.
Leader:     Like Mary and Joseph, who trusted in your grace,
People:        We offer ourselves and our gifts to you.
Leader: Bless our offering and hallow our every thought and our every action,
People:    That Christ  may be revealed through them to the world.  Amen.

HYMN: #127     Glory to God   Hark, the Herald Angels Sing—Jesus, the Light of the World
POSTLUDE: Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow—African American spiritual, arranged by Lloyd Larson


Congregational Meeting (please remain in pews for a meeting to elect elders and review the 2022 budget that Session passed last Tuesday night)

People nominated to new 3 year terms:  Martine Roesel, class of 2024  Drew Irwin, class of 2024  (took a 1 year term at our meeting last year)  Bobbie Testa, class of 2024 (took a 1 year term at our meeting last year) 

We are grateful for Steve Zeoli, class of 2021, for his three years of service as an elder. Go Steve!—Toward ordination to the ministry in 2022!


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