Being Loved By Mother Earth

Being Loved By Mother Earth

Order of Worship Service—Easter 2, April 26, 11am
Gathering Music: Promises of a New Day (Debbie Center)
     (Video will be posted on FB Live on the church’s FB page.  Livestream will be cross-posted here between 11 and 11:10am, depending on how cooperative facebook and my computer are)

Welcome response

Leader:        We are instructed to make every decision
on behalf of the seventh generation to come
We are instructed to give thanks for All That Sustains Us.
We are instructed to be generous
And To share equally with our brothers and sisters so all may be content.
We are instructed to respect and love our Elders,
to serve them in their declining years,
to cherish one another.
We are instructed to love our children, indeed, to love ALL children.
Even though you and I are in different boats,
you in your boat and we in our canoe,
we share the same River of Life.
What befalls me, befalls you.
And downstream, in this River of Life,
our children will pay for our selfishness,
for our greed,
and our lack of vision.
We were systematically stripped of our resources, religions and dignity.
Life for us was unspeakable, cruel.
Yet we survived.
I stand before you as a manifestation of the spirit of our people
and our will to survive
We can still alter our course. It is NOT too late.
We still have options. We need the courage
Courage to change our values to the regeneration of our families
And the life that surrounds us.
We must join hands with the rest of Creation
and speak of Common Sense, Responsibility, Brotherhood, and PEACE.
On behalf of the Indigenous People of the Great Turtle Island,
I give my appreciation and thanks.
Dah ney’ to.
Now I am finished.
We love I hi do’ hah, (I-hee-DOE-hah!)
our Mother Earth

PRELUDE: Wade In the Water -African American Spiritual, arr. Larry Shackley
     Pastor:         All you big things, bless the Lord!
     Everyone:   Gargantuan Galaxies! Spinning solar systems!
     Pastor:         The Milky Way! The Big Dipper!
      Everyone:   Lightning bolts! Great Lakes! The journey of the Sun!
     Pastor:         Rotating sky! Starry night! Spring’s first full moon!
      Everyone:   All forests! Oceans! Rivers! And tides!
     Pastor:         Praise God! Love God forever and ever!
      Everyone:   All you tiny things, bless the Lord!
     Pastor:         Raindrops! Seed pods! All leaf buds!
      Everyone:   Flower petals! Pollen – and pine cone seeds!
     Pastor:         Every bird’s home, every rabbit hole and every mole hill!
      Everyone:   Brain cells! Blood cells! The elements that create the air!
     Pastor:         For every gift that comes from God.
      Everyone:   For every gift we give to God.
                         Praise God! Love God forever and ever!
             –adapted from an African canticle

Hymn:  Glory to God#14    For the Beauty of the Earth
CONFESSION 15-20 seconds followed by ringing of gong 3 times
Bible readings: Psalm 148  Job 12:7-10  Matthew 13:1-9   Read by Josh Stark
Hymn: Sing the Faith#2059 I Am Your Mother (Earth Prayer)—with tune Bunessan
Sermon: Being Loved by Mother Earth (written transcript will be linked in later)
Choral Anthem: Morning Has Broken  (BUNESSAN) arr. Arlen Clarke
Intercessory Prayer: led by Rev. Scott with input from comments on Facebook, concluding with Lord’s Prayer
Sung Response: #851 Come Bring Your Burdens to God
, (Sing twice)
Solo offertory: His Eye Is On the Sparrow (Charles H. Gabriel, arr. Mark Hayes)- Megan Dobbs, soprano
                 Offering link
 Unison Prayer of Dedication—Repeat after leader

For circling sky!
And singing river!
For breathing tree!
And generous human!
For medicine wheel’s directions!
And Jesus’ parable!
For sacred circle!
And holy space!
For beatitude and blessing way!
And for You! – Beautiful Creator! –
We are ever in wonder! –
and always grateful!

Song: We Are Marching in the Light of God(Siyahamba)
Subsequent verses: Marching…Dancing…Praying…Singing…Siyahamba
Final Blessing
SUNG RESPONSE #740 Lead Me, Guide Me  (Sing Twice)
Postlude: Built On the Rock – Ludwig M. Lindeman; setting by Sandra Eithun


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