Loving Mother Earth

Loving Mother Earth

Order of Worship Service—Earth Day Sunday#2 , May 3, 11am  (printable PDF link)
     (Video will be posted LIVE on the church’s FB page at 11am.  Livestream will be cross-posted here ASAP once the livestream starts, depending on how cooperative Facebook and my computer are)

PRELUDE: Clair de Lune (from Suite Bergamasque), by Claude Debussy
HYMN:  Sing the Faith#2061    Creator of Mountains 


  • Leader:          We have forgotten who we are
    We have alienated ourselves from the unfolding of the cosmos
    We have become estranged from the movements of the earth
    We have turned our backs on the cycles of life.
  • People:           We have forgotten who we are.
  • Leader:            We have sought only our own security
    We have exploited simply for our own ends
    We have distorted our knowledge
    We have abused our power.
  • People:            We have forgotten who we are.
  • Leader:            Now the land is barren
    And the waters are poisoned
    And the air is polluted.
  • People:           We have forgotten who we are
  • Leader:            Now the forests are dying
    And the creatures are disappearing
    And humans are despairing.
  • People:           We have forgotten who we are.
  • Leader:            We ask forgiveness
    We ask to go beyond the mind we now have.
    We ask for the strength to change, to seek a higher consciousness.
  • People:           May we remember who we are.     

BIBLE READINGS: Genesis 1: 1-24   Romans 8:18-27  (NRSV)   Neal Long
SUNG RESPONSE to Scripture: Climate is Warming (by George Steward), Tune – The Ash Grove

  1. As climate is warming
    Will bees keep on swarming
    If we just continue to damage the earth?
    Will birds and sea-creatures,
    With beautiful features,
    Forever be lost by denying their worth?
    Will trees and each flower
    Succumb to the power
    Of poisons and toxins we put in the air?
    As ice-caps diminish,
    A sign of the finish –
    We must meet this crisis and show that we care.
  2. If we start to measure
    Some things that we treasure
    It may cause us anguish to let these things go;
    For comfort and leisure,
    Our life-style and pleasure,
    We claim we have earned and don’t wish to forgo;
    But we can all ponder
    And face what we squander,
    Then start to make change in the way that we live;
    We can curb excesses;
    Each harms and oppresses
    The poor and the weak; we take what they don’t give.
  3. To greenhouse emissions
    We make our additions
    And by them we foster some possible gloom;
    But with perseverance
    We can make a diff’rence;
    We can work to limit the fuel we consume;
    We’ll tell each law-maker
    That every green acre
    Is ours to look after and not to destroy;
    God’s bounty possessing;
    We’re stewards of blessing;
    We meet our commitment with challenging joy.

SERMON: Earth Day#2    Loving Mother Earth 
CHORAL ANTHEM: King Jesus Hath a Garden, Harmonization by Charles Wood, Arr. Richard Shephard
INTERCESSORY PRAYER: with comments by people on FB (Deanna will read these in spaces of silence)… conclude with the Lord’s Prayer
SUNG RESPONSE: #851 Come Bring Your Burdens to God, (Sing twice)
OFFERTORY SOLO:  When the Rain Comes: Bonnie McClarty, Poem Caryn Miriam-Goldberg, sung by Neal Long, tenor
                 Offering link
PRAYER OF DEDICATION (Sung): Blue hymnal#595 Heleluyan
HYMNGlory to God#69  Here I Am, Lord  (Links: Verses, Chorus)
SUNG RESPONSE:  #740 Lead Me, Guide Me  (Sing Twice)
POSTLUDE:On Jordan’s Stormy Banks (THE PROMISED LAND), Setting by C.E. Walz

Pastor- Reverend Scott
Piano- Emily Davidson
Camera and Facebook- Deanna Capps
Website- Martine Roesel


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